Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy

The B.Pharm Course has been specially designed for those who are eager to acquire professional skill in the field of pharmaceutical education. This definitely provides employment and business opportunities anywhere across the globe.The course has been divided into four years, which include theory & practicals besides project work and industrial exposure.

Master Degree in Pharmacy

The M. Pharm Course focuses on drug discovery, research, development and manufacturing. The course has been divided into four semesters, which include theory & practicals besides the project work. The Students conduct research and complete lab-based courses in on-campus facilities that have the same innovative technology and equipment used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy)

The 6-year Pharm D. course provides intensive training in pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy services. It will include five years of clinical and community-based theory with ward rounds and one-year internship in hospitals. Students will work in coordination with doctors to treat patients. In the final year, the students will come out as clinical pharmacists, an essential component of healthcare, equal to doctors.