A. Admission Process:

 The college shall go through the following procedures while admitting student

  1. Getting the admission form duty filled in by the
  2. Getting a detailed undertaking form (Format is given at the end in the form of annexure)
  3. Collecting the following Certificates (two sets of duplicates)
  1. SSC or 10 the standard
  2. Inter or 10 + 2
  3. Degree (If Necessary)
  4. Transfer Certificate
  5. Study / Conduct Certificate
  6. Income Certificate
  7. Caste Certificate
  8. Migration Certificate

B. Certain certificates are optional based on requirement:

Collecting the following material

  1. Two Stamp size color photographs
  2. Four Passport size photographs
  3. Ten Address Slips
  4. Ten 5 Stamps
  5. Getting the Identity card form filled-up (the format is given at the end)

C. Admission Counseling / Informing about rules:

The Head of the office / Admissions In-Charge require informing the student and the parent in detail about various rules and regulations of the college pertaining to attendance, discipline, and examination apart from rules related to fee payment. They shall also tell the student and the parent clearly about the rules pertaining to cancellation of admission under any circumstances and take necessary undertaking to that effect from the parent and the ward. They shall  give the rule book to them, if necessary, take necessary help from the faculty coordinator and the principal.

D. Admission Register:

The college shall maintain an admission register which will have the admission number (this number is unique number that is given to the student and cannot be transferable) roll number; Name of the Student; Parent / Guardian Name; Course Name; Date of Admission; Date of Leaving the Institute; Remarks columns being filled immediately.

E. Admission Report:

The college shall submit a daily report to the Head office with the admission status in terms of reported / actually admitted / category of admission / fee paid if any and other particulars to be given. The college shall also give the data on a daily basis on the vacancy position.

F. Contacting the Students:

Collecting the data from the Head office / convener on various categories of admissions, the college shall contact the student immediately and verify about the date of reporting etc. To avoid any vacancy arising at a later date.

G. Preparing the Final Lists:

The college shall prepare the final list of the candidates under various categories and keep the lists prepared at least one week before the submission in the concerned office.


  • Categories of Fee:

The college will receive regular communication from the office of the principal about the various categories of fee, definition and the timing of collection. Other than this college shall not collect any other fee.

  • Timing of the Fee collection:

The fee shall be collected one week before the course begins. The time could be further extended by a maximum of one week. From this day students are given one week time to be paid with a daily fine of Rs.10 and Rs.50 per day during the next week. If the student does not pay the fee even after three weeks after the beginning of the course the student’s name shall be removed from roles.

  • Mode of Fee payment:

The fee is supposed to be collected only in the form of DD to be given in favor of the said account, and not in any other format.

  • Fee Receipt Method:

The student shall be given a fee receipt in the format as given at the end of this manual.

  • Student Fee Collection Report:

The college shall send a daily fee collection report to the Head of Officer with the Details of Roll Number; Name of the Student; Course; Year; Total Fee; Fee paid; DD number; Fine collected; and Remarks.

  • Fee Collection Register:

Each college shall maintain a fee collection register having one separate page for each student.


  • Admission Cancellation Procedure:

If any student intends to cancel the admission for any reasons in the middle of the course shall require paying the total fee for the remaining course period (remaining number of years). Even if it is student who is studying with the help of scholarships requires to pay the fee. In no circumstances the college shall go against the admission cancellation procedures of the Institution.

  • Report on Admission Cancellation

The college shall send a quarterly report on admission cancellation to the corporate office.