Sri Marri Laxman Reddy is a man of vision, values, and beliefs. He is a firm believer, that an educated nation is a prosperous nation. He is also a veteran international athlete. He strongly encourages students to participate in sports. He believes that sports build selfesteem, confidence, and motivation in students. With sports, students can recognize the ways and benefits of goal setting and practice. This in turn helps them to excel academically and build up their social skills. We are enchanted to have such an inspiring personality among us. As a sportsman and academician, he had battled against all odds and reached the pinnacle of success. Not only a man of words, but he is also a man of deeds. He is highly passionate about uplifting the downtrodden, alleviate ignorance by conducting awareness among people. Undoubtedly, he is a living proof and exemplar of humanity. His selfless services to the field of education are noteworthy.



Mr. Marri Raja Shekar Reddy is the mentor of Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Pharmacy and a man of remarkable abilities and great acumen. His goodwill, appreciation, motivation, and positive vibration have a great impact in moulding the students. He extends unconditional support and a tremendous help to the students to achieve their goals. His proactive hard work and dedication have taken the institute to the zenith of excellence. He strives hard to initiate various industry-oriented programs for the benefit of the students and he envisions his students to be present at the topmost position in the industry.