DateResource Person/Guest Lecture byTopic
016/6/2023Mr. Srinivas Pendyala, Task Organiser, Telangana Government InitiationT wallet awareness session
0226/04/2023Mr. K.Jayadev Rao, Motivational SpeakerHow to achieve your goals.
0323/02/2023Dr. Bharath N. Surya WanshiPatents and designs filing NIPAM Flyer
0420/10/22 to 22/10/22Mr. Praveen, Soft Skills Trainer, TASK, HyderabadMedical coding and billing training
0516/9/2022Dr. Satish Kumar, CEO, Founder, Medical and Health Management, HydPharmacovigilance and Clinical Trails
0616/8/2022Sri. K. Bhaskar Kanna, Vice President, Flamingo PharmaceuticalsPharmaceutical Marketing and Brand Management
073/8/2022K. S. R. C. Prasad, General Manager, J. B. Chemicals, HydThe Future of Pharma Industry Trends and Innovations
083/8/2022MVS Sharma, General Manager, Laborate Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Hyd.Insight on the scope of pharmaceutical industry
093/8/2022Sri. K. Bhaskar Kanna, Vice President, Flamingo pharmaceuticals.Crisis in the world market and future pharma
1027/04/2022Mrs. Prathima, Psychological Counselor, GVA Institute of Psychology,Skills for success
1126/03/2022Dr. Sridhar Reddy, Anora PharmaLiposome based drug delivery systems
1221/03/2022Dr. Ramesh, MBBS, Assoc. Prof, Arundhathi hospitalCovid and its post complications
1319/11/2021Mr. R. Rajaguru, Senior ScientistGeneric product development
1418/11/2021Mr. K. M. Vishwanadh, Associate Director, Sai Life Sciences Limited.Preclinical drug discovery and animal models used in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics
1517/11/2021Dr Y Sridhar Reddy Global Pharmacovigilance head Hetero Labs, HyderabadGlobal Pharmacovigilance and its career opportunities
162/9/2021Ruchi Mishra,Skill trainer and career counsellor, UK skills ltd.Kill to learn speak, reading, writing English on digital platform
1704/02/2021Dr. R. Sudeendra Bhat, Professor of pharmaceutics and CoE, JSS Academy of higher education and research, Mysuru, KarnatakaIntellectual Property Right
1830/03/2021Mr. Ranjit Barshikar, CEO, QbD international and United nation MPP Geneva Advisor. IndiaQuality By Design – Benefits And Organisation
1914/05/2021Dr. Amit Asthana, Principal Scientist, CSIR-CCMB, HyderabadFabrication Of Paper Based Device And Its Biomedical Application
2011/09/2020Mr. Mansoor Ahmed Shamlaji, Senior advisory, NovartisManufacturing Of Pharmaceutical On Industrial Scale
2120/10/2020Dr.Akhilesh Kumar, MBBS, MD, PGPC, PGD, Assistant Civil Surgeon, ESIC Model Hospital, Sanathnagar, HyderabadConcept Of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme,
2217/12/2020Dr. Lokesh Deb, Scientist-D, IBSD, ministry of science and technology Government of India, SikkimEthnopharmacological Research And Drug Development
2322/11/2019Mr. Nisar Ahamed, Former Senior Pharmacist, Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, Dhahran, Saudi ArabiaGeneral Health And Hygiene Topics In A Health Care Team For Providing A Better Health
2410/01/2020Dr. Indra Kumar, Sanath Nagar, HyderabadMolecular Docking Studies
2517/2/2020Dr. Sri Ram, HOD, Department of Pharmacy, BITS, HyderabadRetro Synthesis Is Conducted
2605/03/2020Mr. Manikanta, Medicod, HyderabadCareer In Pharma Industry
2707/02/2020Dr. Srujan Reddy , ADM, ClinimindsAwareness On Drug Discovery Process, Recent Trends In Drug Design
2819/03/2020Dr.Akhilesh Kumar, MBBS, MD, PGPC, PGD, Assistant Civil Surgeon, ESIC Model Hospital, Sanathnagar, HyderabadConcept Of On Safety And Efficacy Of Antibiotics Usage
2923/03/2020Prof. Dr. Debendra Kumar Mohapatra, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIRBA And BE Studies In Drug Development Process
3006/07/2018Mr. Tumma Rama Rao , Plant manager, Aizant Drug Research solutions ,HYDNew Technology In Pharma Industry
3122/10/2018Dr. Balaram Ghosh, researcher of par excellence from BITS, HyderabadApplication Of Chemdraw In Molecule Design
3221/1/2019Dr. Hafsa Basheer Ahmed, B.D.S, Dental Surgeon, Clove Dental Hospital,Dental Hygiene And Awareness
3314/09/2019Mr. David Spauldings, senior consultant and training Manager for Seer Pharma, Australia

Advances In Pharmacological

Experiments & Protocol Writing

3412/09/2017Dr. P. Phani Kumar, CEO, ClinimindsDrug Discovery & Pharmacovigilance
3525/10/2017Dr.M.Sunitha Reddy,Ph.D, FPGEE,NABP (MEM), RPH.USA, Assistant Professor, Centre forPharmaceutical Sciences, JNTUHMedication Errors And Role Of Clinical Pharmacist In Case Studies
3605/02/2018Dr. Vivek Modi, TASKTraining Session On Soft Skill
3710/09/2016Dr. Srujan Reddy , ADM, ClinimindsAdverse Drug Reactions Management
3806/02/2017Dr.Akhilesh Kumar, MBBS, MD, PGPC, PGD, Assistant Civil Surgeon, ESIC Model Hospital, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad

Rational Use Of

Antibiotics And Drug Resistance