Innovations by Faculty in teaching and learning


Information & Communication Technologies (ICT): With the integration of current technology, our faculties use advanced techniques to articulate conceptual learning skills, thereby making it easier for students to acquire the required skill set for futuristic opportunities. These techniques include and are not limited. We are providing projectors in the classroom to encourage the faculty to make the subject more interesting and easier.

Video lectures on YouTube:

Topic-wise lecture videos are prepared in a detailed way to facilitate the students to learn and revise the concepts as and when needed.

Name of the facultyYoutube video linkTopic
Dr. Sunil Kumar 2
Dr. Sunil Kumar 1
Mr. Saikat Das
Dr. Sunil Kumar
Mrs. A. Soujanya gravis
Mrs. Savula Jyothsna to biosynthetic pathways


Powerpoint presentations:

Our faculty makes use of PowerPoint presentations prepared by them for effective and better understanding of the subjects. Pictorial representation and videos in the PPT help the students visualize concepts of various subjects such as Anatomy, Pharmacology, Analysis, etc.

Animation and videos:

LCD-based classroom teaching allows more scope and time for interaction with the students rather than developing the concepts on the blackboard. Our faculty utilizes animation videos for complex topics that need multiple primer basics to enhance effective learning.

Practical demonstration:

Practical skills are very important for the students to get on in the industry. Faculty pays more attention in developing practical skills in the students by using modern instruments and utilization of advanced methods.

Web-based learning system:

Our faculty uses a unique system of Web-based learning which is used to revise and revisit the topics. Teachers are also using various platforms like Moodle, Google Scholar, EdmodoH5P, Zoom, ChatGPT, etc to conduct class tests.

Simulation models:

Simulation models have been used to demonstrate various pharmacological experiments and reduce animal usage at the undergraduate level.

Industrial visit:

To create awareness of the current trends in industries, industrial visits are organized every year for third and final-year students. This helps the faculty to enhance in interest in the subject and gives exposure to a real time experience of the topics.

Guest lectures:

The institution organizes guest lecturers with expertise based on the curriculum to enhance the student’s knowledge on particularly important topics. Guest lectures are also being conducted by our senior subject experts to improve the course outcomes which are not attained by the concerned subject faculty.

Educational Software:

Various educational software like chem.draw, isisdraw, Graphpad, prism, Micromedex, etc are used by the faculty as regular aid for teaching.

Working models/ Charts/ Demonstrations and role plays:

They are made part of the learning process for real-time experience about the topics. Working models and charts prepared by the faculty are used to explain complex topics to the students.

Working models/charts/monograms:

These will help the student conceptualize the learning objectives. The faculties have put in place an array of Safety charts and working models in the laboratory as well as standard operating procedures for the specific instrument for the facile comprehension of the concepts.